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Are You Attractive?

Wednesday, March 08 2017

The answer to that question is always yes. The real question is what are you attracting? When you envision your life daily you must be intentional about what you attract. You must see the things that you want to be, have, accomplish in order for it to come to you. If you see only your situation if you focus on where you are you will never attract more than you see. We are all attracting things daily. Today I challenge you to to attract the people in your life that you want to meet. I challenge you to attract the business that you want to have. I challenge you to attract the prosperity and abundance that you desire. Because the universe has enough for you and you really do deserve it. To learn more about how to be attractive in an Avon business contact me.

Looking for 25 Women who Want to Travel

Thursday, March 02 2017

Good Morning Everyone! This week I challenged myself to meet a stretch goal. Avon has issued a challenge to earn a trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas by March 31, 2017. I have challenged myself to take 25 women with me on that trip! The minimum cost to go on the trip is $25 and no that is not too good to be true it is TRUE! I envision myself with 25 women who want to see this happen and I want to make it happen for them. If you are one of those 25. Email me today at or call 301.842.7439. Now you are asking, HOW? You must call to find out. There are no tricks involved and you don't have to become an AVON selling machine but you will have to share and maybe find some friends that you would like to bring on the trip as well. Here are the side effects of you earning this trip with me: 1) Get some great products from AVON! 2) Earn a minimum of $20 for every person you help. 3) Get a FREE website that you never have to share but if you do.... you can earn money from whatever people buy) 4) Have one more vacation this year than you had already planned. 5) Achieve an amazing accomplishment that you didn't see coming. (Also, because I really want to see this happen - Everyone who is on my team is going to get a cool swag bag just from me!) So who's in? Let's do this! Contact me today!